I like you & I love you


“I like you and I love you.”

I peeled up the beautiful Maggie Holmes sticker. Gold foil on a minty green background: stunning and so very me.

But something made me hesitate about sticking it into my Bible.

I knew God loved me – He’d made me, He kind of had to, right? – but *like* me? I wasn’t feeling especially likeable right now. I carefully placed the sticker back down on to it’s sheet for someone else in my group to use and turned to the next page of the sticker book.


I heard a fab interview with Barbara Brown Taylor the other day and something she said really jumped out at me:

“One night, when my whole heart was open to hearing from God and what I was supposed to do with my life, God said, “Anything that pleases you.” 

“That’s it?” I said, “What kind of answer is that?” 

“Do anything that pleases you,” the voice in my head said, “And belong to me.”


I’ve been asking myself who my heart belongs to recently.

It’s sometimes so easy to get caught up in the noise and excitement, that we wander onto tracks that lead to places we never really intended to go.


Sometimes it’s good to stop and look down at our feet: to take a good look at the path we’re walking on, then look ahead to notice where it leads.

We need to make sure our paths are headed to the right place. Those places that our hearts keep whispering to us we really want to get to.


Sometimes those hearts desire-paths are about exciting challenges that require action. And sometimes following those paths is about scaling back and quietening down.

Both require bravery and courage.


But there’s a God who is always right there to cheer us on: to help us take that next right step.

That next little thing that feels enormous to us, even when it looks like nothing to anyone else.


There’s a God walking right next to us who cheers us on from the sidelines.

Who is willing us to listen to those deep desires, because He knows they lead to life: life in all it’s fullness.


Last night, as we tidied up the Faithscrappers room, I bent down to pick up something that had fallen under the table.

“I like you and I love you,” read the minty green sticker: I grinned.

“You belong to me,” whispered my Heavenly cheerleader, as I stuck it firmly onto my page.

2 thoughts on “I like you & I love you

  1. KK

    In just stumbled on this via someone who left a comment on my blog…serendipity!

    Amen, amen and AMEN to what you wrote here. God loves me and he LIKES me! I needed to hear that at this moment in time. Thank you and thank you Father God 😊😊😊

    I’ll be back tomorrow when I’m more awake.

    Cath xxx

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