Preventing scrappy burn out


The thing is, we’re not brands: we’re really not. We’re living, breathing, spiritual beings with lives and needs and limits.

And self-care is not only important: it’s essential as creatives. When our reserves dip dangerously low, finding that creative mojo becomes so much harder.

Here are my tips for keeping things healthy…


1. Check your scrap/life balance is a happy one

When we’re older and we look back at our lives, what are we going to wish we did more of? For me, it’s spending quality time with my loved ones, every single time.

So it’s key for me to check that I’m not so busy creating content to bring in the likes, that I’m not making time for my truly important people. That doesn’t mean that I’m not prioritising me-time, but it does mean that I’m keeping an eye out that there’s a good balance and I’m not consistently batting away my daughter’s requests to hang out with her.

It’s worth ensuring that we’re not striving to keep up with the bigger names in terms of  exposure and content: there are whole *teams* of highly qualified, clever lasses behind those beautiful photos and blog posts, and just the one little us.

Getting our scrap-life balance right is also essential for good mental and physical health: we can only drive ourselves hard for so long before something has to give – and who really wants that thing to be their well-being?


2. Check your indoor/outdoor balance is a happy one

Getting outside in the fresh air just does us so much good! And it’s amazing how many fun, creative ideas come when we’re wandering about or sitting on the bus on our way to town.

Sure, it can seem like everyone else is way more productive than us, but we need to set our own life-giving pace. Instead of running to keep up, why not be an example of how to slow things down and really savour the scrap goodies we’ve been gifted with?


3. Remember your ‘best yes’ (Lysa Terkeurst)

We could say yes to every offer; we could accept every commission, teach at every event and apply for every design team. But we’re each only one little person.

Make sure your yes’s are for projects and teams that *really* get you excited. If everything starts to sound irresistible, it might be worth thinking about motivations for needing to be quite so ‘out there’.


4. Think about how you want your life to look

And be really honest: are your dreams the things you really want, or are they things you feel you ought to be aiming for?

Try to identify those things that make you feel alive at your core level: those things that bring you a total buzz and sense of satisfaction. Maybe it’s filming a scrapbooking process; maybe it’s doing a Project Life page… or maybe it’s planting seeds or planning Sunday School.

Make time for those things… but remember to strive for balance, even there.

Perhaps you already have a little too much on your plate and need to let some commitments go – time to get honest about whether your current output is sustainable. If not, time to woman-up and do a little life-pruning.


5. Be authentically *you* in your work

Of course we all enjoy scraplifting from time to time, but routinely striving to make work that looks like someone else’s is just plain tiring. You’re you! And the gifts you have are uniquely yours.

In the words of Dolly P, “Find out who you are, then do it on purpose.” And try not to worry about whether anyone likes it or not – that’s the real toughie.


6. Be intentional about how often you create

Perhaps you decide on a monthly number of videos that fits your schedule and energy levels. Or you commit to creating a limited number of projects with each new kit you get.

Maybe you choose to limit how many photos you post to Instagram each day or set a timer on online socialising.

Being intentional about our scrappy output means there is plenty of energy left for other life-enriching creative pursuits like baking, photography and gardening – leaving us feeling balanced, whole and with plenty to offer.

Which is kind of key when it comes to the total treat of scrapbooking itself, right?

What are your tips for keeping your scrapbooking life balanced and fun? Do share them!


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  1. Claudia Silva

    Amazing post, Suse! You’re words came on the right time, because I was doubting myself about my scrapbook motivations and results. Thanks. Love, Claudia


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