My Enneagram type


So apparently I’m a Type Four: The Romantic. Creative, honest and attuned to beauty at my best; melancholic, self-pitying and lacking in self esteem on a bad day.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?


Fours are super creative apparently. We like a carefully put together home and, “create things that give expression to our feelings.” Um, hello? Scraptherapy?


We’re also big into authenticity. That part of the description chimed loudly with me… I mean, you’ve seen my videos: I am all about digging deep in there and sharing what I find.



Fours are anxious in relationships because we fear abandonment. So we’re not great at friendship, playing a ‘push-pull’ game where we get close, then run off to distance ourselves emotionally.

My goodness, is this true for me? Ask any of my friends. If you are one, you’ll already be nodding and sighing.


On the plus side, we fours will, “awaken you to to the beauty and transcendent nature of the world by guiding you into emotions you would otherwise never dare to feel.”

Judging from some of my youtube comments, I hope to think this might be true for me.


I suspect I have a Three wing: which means I’m also a little bit of a Performer. Hence all the Instagram showing-off maybe?

I suspect my Three wing is the reason I’m often so conflicted about online stuff: part of me wants to be out there, showing the world what I’ve got, where my core Four is terrified that I’m somehow lacking and you’ll all leave me.


And finally, we Fours are all about empathy.

The author of the book I’m getting all this info from* says that we’re the perfect type to accompany you to the vets when you have to get your dog put down, because we’ll quietly stand with you and share your pain.

Now that I am good at. Need to cry? Come over here and we’ll have a good bawl together.  My feelings may be all over the shop, but I am at least in touch with them.



  • Information from ‘The Road Back to You’ by Cron & Stabile

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  1. Tâm

    The pictures color theme is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us! How did you find out about your enneagram type? I heard there are also tritype, pretty confusing. I’m trying to figure it out.


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