Felicity Jane | Encouragement mini


In our weekly small group on Friday, we girls were talking about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. We were sharing times when we’ve felt tested and how we’ve dealt with it.

Our conversation inspired me to make a cute little mini full of encouragement for when times get tough.

I wanted a little something I might think about picking up to cheer me up. The Brooke kit from Felicity Jane was perfect for the job, with it’s ‘real life’ slogans and cheerful prints.

Hope you enjoy this little flip-thru, friends.

4 thoughts on “Felicity Jane | Encouragement mini

  1. Chocolathkisses

    Ohh my god!! Its beautiful!! 😍 I have a little journal called « for rainny days » its also filled with quotes and scraps of things that make me happy and was designed for the same purpose as yours.. but like 10 years ago so not as nearly cute as yours!! Soooo in love with it..


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