Let Him carry you


Hey lovely gang! I do hope this finds you well.

These faithscrappers videos are funny in that I often wonder if I’m done. Not because I want to be, but because I do wait to see if God whispers me something to share each time – and sometimes it can all go a bit quiet.

Sometimes a few weeks pass and I wonder if that’s it for my little series.

And then I’ll be out and about one day – very often not even thinking of scrapbooking or youtube or any of it – and something will ‘land heavily’ with me.


And so I note it down and wait.

And sure enough, a little while later, something else will strike me. And I’ll think about that thing in relation to the other thing and try and work out the connection… what God might be prodding me to notice.

It’s fun and a complete honour.

And as long as He keeps coughing in my direction, I’ll keep sharing what I think He’s wanting His girls to know. 

Hope you enjoy today’s offering, friend; sending so much love.