Personal Instagram guidelines


As you probably know by now, I’m all about intentionality. And nowhere more so than on my Instagram feed.

Here are my personal guidelines for deciding what I post and why…


Is it creatively inspiring?

When it comes to sharing our work, Instagram is the bees-knees. But I have a few rules here:

* I never make just to have something to share (mental health alarm bells ring when I consider doing it: why am I suddenly feeling needy?)

* I spend a few minutes tops ‘staging’ each photo

* I pick the best shot of ten different angles max and never go back to re-shoot


Does it advocate simple living?

I love to take photos of cute things as much as the next girl, but I make sure they’re…

* thrifted
* e-bay bargains
* gifts
* scrapbook kits (every workwoman needs her tools!)


Is it my real life?

Sure, I’m not about to share my every thought and movement. But I do want a good dose of ‘me’ in there… what my life really looks like right now.

Yes, I’ll edit the pics carefully and position the mess on a nice white background, but ultimately, this is my real world.

On a similar note, I try to ask myself on a regular basis,

“Am I spending as much time cultivating a good life as I am recording it? And am I ever falling into the trap of cultivating a good life in order to record it?”*

(* “Cultivate a Good Life and Record It” – Becky Higgins’ tagline)


Is it really me?

I will occasionally style my hair if I know I’m going to be making a youtube video, but for Instagram, the hair and make-up are all real.

I’m just not about to start playing that perfection game: it’s not good for any of us to pretend we have everything together the whole time like that.


Is it healthy?

A major part of feeling good about ourselves is putting the right stuff in. So many crafty feeds seem to focus on donuts and other goodies, and while those things are lovely as occasional treats, I don’t think we can fuel ourselves that way long term and still feel good.

I just wish most salad wasn’t green: so not my colour, lol.


Is it going to make someone smile?

I don’t want to create content for the likes, but I do enjoy giving my friends a giggle. Social media is still socialising at the end of the day and as we all know,  “it’s fun to have fun”.

How about you? Do you have guidelines when it comes to what you like to post on Instagram? Be sure to leave me a comment!

4 thoughts on “Personal Instagram guidelines

  1. Julie Campbell

    “Am I spending as much time cultivating a good life as I am recording it? And am I ever falling into the trap of cultivating a good life in order to record it?”*

    That is the most important thing I think we all need to keep track of in all social media world’s. It is so easy to get sucked in and lose track of what matters. You are going a great job keeping things in check it sounds, suse. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and inspiration.

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  2. marieprecieuse

    No guidelines other than: maybe one more pocture if my life now would be too much?! If so, i wait till i have something pretty to post the next picture. Something crafty and pretty is best, but i dont create as much as i did befire so its hard to feed my feed with pretty crafty stuff sometimes. In that case, a pretty non crafty picture will do.


  3. Shelby Miller

    I love when people seem authentic. And I love when their images have a style- like if I saw any of your pictures above it would be uniquely you! I think that is so fun. Love the colors.


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