100 Days of Scraptherapy


I wonder if anyone fancies joining me on a scrappy little adventure starting on April 3rd?


Other than my girl Barbie, that is.

The thing is, I’ve always noticed The100DayProject and thought it was a bit out of my reach. I’m not so great at committing to any one thing, you see.

I think it’s having a ‘Rebel Tendency’ (Gretchen Rubin), lol. I seem to like to make rules for myself, then just as quickly decide to break them.


But then the idea struck me that doing 100 days of scraptherapy might be fun and rather good for me.

The good thing about this way of working is:

1. there’s no right or wrong: you just do whatever floats your boat
2. it can be a simple as decorating one journalling card and calling it good
3. it’s something that works best when it builds gradually anyway, so the 100 day timeframe is perfect
4. it uses up your stash like nobody’s business
5. it’s really good for your mental health


It can be as simple as sticking a postcard into your little book. Or if you’ve got longer, you can do a whole mini layout.

It’s a great place to experiment.


I start by throwing a whole lot of neutral coloured scrap into a 6×8 binder: envelopes, papers, packaging, vellum… the more touchy-feely, the better.

Then I just add pretty bits here and there.

And they don’t have to be ‘proper’ scrap items (although this is a great way of ripping through your stash!) Anything cute that you spot throughout your day can go in here: receipts, notes, kiddy drawings, packaging… french fry wrappers! (just for you, Tracie C)


Then it’s just a case of noting down something about how you’re doing. A fun top ten list if you’re feeling perky; some thoughts on something that went wrong or why you might have lost your temper. Not that I ever do: ahem!

I’ve got a few videos on my youtube channel that show how I do it. I’ll add add them below.


I really hope you’ll join me on this fun little crafty adventure! Be sure to use the hashtag 100daysofscraptherapy so we can cheer each other on.

And remember: if any project was about ‘community, not competition’ it’s this one. ‘There’s no right or wrong: just glue in the gladness’.

Or the stropiness… or the despair… or the hormonal rage… lol.

11 thoughts on “100 Days of Scraptherapy

  1. I may do photography for my 100 days, but I’ve SO loved working in this way in my planner, so I may just join in here and there. We’ll see. But I can’t wait to see how this unfolds for you and everyone else joining in! Should be a fun scrappy 100 days!

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  2. Hi Suse! I absolutely love this idea! I am planning to start one from a binder (even though I’m a little late haha!) I was hoping to maybe get a video explaining how to start. Like what things to put in and explaining the challenge?
    –Megan ❤


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