Who you are


I really enjoyed making today’s faithscrappers video.

I’m always a little unsure as to how frank I can be online… it feels like there’s a balance between helpful transparency and uncomfortable oversharing; it can sometimes feel tricky to get it right.

But there are some things that I’m more than happy to share because I suspect they might be helpful. And more than that, I kind of want people to know the important things about me, you know? Because they made me who I am.

And that I was teased as a youngster for being ‘straight up and down’? Well, that’s one of those things that made me-me.

Here’s today’s song: the incredibly gifted Francesca Battistelli singing, “Free to be me.” I felt like it fitted our theme pretty nicely.

Though I am curious as to whether the “couple of dents in my fender” refer to her car or guitar.

And here’s me wittering on about running, boats and… Jennifer Hudson apparently.

Sending loads of love, you guys. xx

2 thoughts on “Who you are

  1. char4355

    Thank you so much for sharing your process, it means The world to me if I’m a new grandmother and I wanna start documenting my grandbaby and have no idea where to start Blessings to you


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