Choosing bravery


Hey gang! Had fun making another faithscrappers video this week about being bold enough to get down off the prom and get mucky on the beach. Well, kinda.

Ugh, this page… I’m not sure it ever really got far beyond the ‘hot mess’ stage, if I’m honest. But I had fun. And I pushed myself to be brave, which was the whole point.

Here are some pics of when things still looked pretty and safe… ah, if only there were an ‘undo’ option in scrapbooking, lol.

Today’s song is a cutie all about bravery. You’ll know it, but you might not have heard this kiddy version, which I really like (being an overgrown kid myself).

And here’s my process and nattery Bible bit. Hope you enjoy it, friends. Bye for now.

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