Self-care planner


I’ve been thinking recently about how to organise my thoughts about taking better care of myself. It really helps – when I have plans floating about in my head – to pop them down on paper to somehow ‘formalise’ them.

So today’s faithscrappers process video is all about my first steps in getting a few of those goals down – and making it look very pretty, of course!

The music video I’ve chosen to accompany this thought is, ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ by Andrew Peterson. Do make sure you have a little listen: it’s like water to a parched soul.

And here’s my video! You might notice a little change around in my set-up… it’s all changed back now. Long story, but at the time of filming, I very much felt the need to hide away, so moved my craft goodies upstairs for a little bit.

I think the fact that I’m back in the family kitchen-diner is a good sign that my little steps to better self-care are having a positive effect.

Sending love as always, dear friends.