The glorious gift of being you


If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent most of your life trying desperately hard to fit in: to be like the other girls, not stand out and just be part of the ‘in’ crowd.

But what if our calling is to unashamedly be who we’ve been created to be?


Because you were made to be exactly what you are: with all your quirks and differences. Those things make you-you – and they make you pretty darn special.


Just recently, I’ve made an effort to care a bit less. To try to tune out those ‘be like them’ voices and listen to my heart. To find what it is that I love, what makes me uniquely me.

And it’s Barbies. It’s Britney Spears. It’s Dawsons Creek and Sweet Valley High and glittery nail polish. Yes, it seems being uniquely me, means being something pretty similar to my ten year old daughter!

But it also means having a tender, vulnerable heart. It means having a quirky sense of humour and getting furious about injustice.


It means having so much passion/energy/creativity – whatever it is –  within me, that it just has to pour out.

What does being uniquely you look like? Who were you made to be? 

Because it’s when we discover our unique giftings and bring them unashamedly out into the open that something remarkable happens.

Joy spreads round the room like wildfire. Because there’s only one you and the you you are is pretty darn spectacular.

There’s a faithscrappers video to kind of go along with this thought… I am sorry about the scrappy bit not filming properly, but as I’m learning right now, God seems to be all about wanting us to offer Him our imperfect, everyday, right now reality.

Hope you enjoy it, friends.

8 thoughts on “The glorious gift of being you

  1. I prefer to be “undefined” (by other people), “ageless” (in terms of taste, friends and curiosity) and “child-like” (because my Savior loves me that way). I am glad you are you. (And I LOVED the audition video clip! Disney Girl since childhood 😍)

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  2. Suse Fish

    Yes! Such fabulous descriptions and I love that you’ve thought this through too! I just thought the audition guy was awesome: so unexpected for a rocky-looking chap like that to suddenly launch into Aladdin but to give it his all too? Wow – inspiring xx


  3. Ginny

    It took me a long time to realize I’m much happier when I’m just me rather than trying fit in. But Suse you do realize how many people would love to be just like you, don’t you? I think fun, funky introverts rule the world!

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  4. Suse Fish

    What a lovely thing to say, Ginny, thank you. I sometimes wonder what I might do differently if I could go back and do life again, only with the knowledge I have now. Perhaps nothing, as those experiences make us who we are..? xxx

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