Chasing dreams


“Make sure that the dream you’re chasing, is the dream you’re dreaming.”

This thought came to me as I took my morning walk on the beach today.

The tide was out leaving a lovely expanse of sea-glass littered wet sand for me to wander along. There were one or two dog walkers, but mainly just me and the lazily crashing waves.

I wondered if the sea had had a big weekend and couldn’t quite be bothered to get Monday started either.


Every now and then, I like to step back from my days and have a little check that I’m heading in the direction I want to be: namely, finding my sweet-spot balance of spirituality, simplicity and scrapbooking.


Simplicity for me means accepting that life is rarely picture-perfect.

It means realising that the things I have are enough and getting more goodies won’t bring lasting joy.


It means making time in my day for simple pleasures like flopping down with a coffee and a cute magazine (to be chopped up later for a collage).

It means finding joy in folding clothes, because I’m grateful for the gift of the people who wear them.

It means feeling delight at the notification of a new podcast as it appears on my download list, because someone has cared enough to share their heart and time.

It means relishing the thrill of having a free hour to make *whatever* I want, however playful or unimpressive.


It means making a regular social media spot in my day, then switching off and getting on with my largely non-Insta-worthy right-now.

It’s finding delight in the simple gift that is today and remembering to look inside my heart and ask the question: “What dreams are in there? The dreams I dream for me, not those I feel I ought to be chasing?”