Sunshine & splashes


Hey sweet friends! Another faithscrappers video for you today. I had fun with this one – can you tell?

Today’s song is by the awesome JJ Heller and is called ‘The Well’ – as I’ve featured it before, I’ll link to her talk about the meaning behind the song.

Hope this finds you well, my lovelies. Sending so much love. xx

4 thoughts on “Sunshine & splashes

  1. I think I was 8 or 10 when I first heard the term artesian – we were crossing the dry Gasgoyne river (see – that’s how it looks most of the year, I think) and I asked what the green thing on the far bank was and Dad told me something about artesian wells and ground water and stuff. I could make many connections with all sorts of things (seasons! depth! the reliable nature of that which can’t be seen versus that of surface things!) but what I really want to say is that I had a piece of blue floral paper (a bit like one you used in your layery bit) back when I started scrapbooking and it’s one of the patterns that I’ve always wished I bought more of. How’s that for suface? Ha.

    (I’m trying to get caught up with some of your videos – school holidays were busy but then just evaporated, and now school’s been back for a week, I’ve only got two more weeks before uni goes back. Maybe I’ll make it through the rest of then by then?)

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