God of comfort


Phew, well that was… let’s just say, I’m glad the camera didn’t play up. I would not want to go back and try and verbalise all that again. 😉

Today’s FaithScrappers is a very special one as it’s a collaboration with my lovely scrap buddy, Laura Rahel!

We decided that we’d each interpret the verse she picked and see what we came up with: a fabulous idea and one I’m so happy we had a go at. One of my things for this year is to say yes to fun things more often and this idea sounded like fun!

Make sure you bob over to Laura’s channel to see her process – find it here:

The accompanying song is a beautiful cover of ‘Close to You’ by the Carpenters. It was the song my mum sang for me and the one I sang for my daughter when she couldn’t sleep.

I hope you enjoy this process, friends. I do give a warning at the start that it’s emotional and sensitive, so perhaps give it a skip if you’re not in a good place to consider weighty topics like bereavement.

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