Pools, balls & Dawson


Well, if it isn’t 2018! Happy New Year, my lovely faith scrapping friends! Let’s start the year as we (well, I) mean to go on, with a nice rambly chat and a bit of scrapbooking.


Since it’s a new year, I thought I’d ring the changes with a new opening image and *gasp* music.

Well, all that cheerful jingling was getting on my nerves a bit. Oops.


I’ve also freshened things up on the workspace front. Kittster fancied working nearer her mum, so we’ve combined desks to make our own little cubicle. Cute, huh?

Plus, when she’s at school, I can nab her desk. Ha! Crafty.


So today’s video features the stunningly gorgeous Sugarland Pocket Life kit from Citrus Twist Kits. The name alone is perfect, isn’t it?

Sugarland, I mean. Although Citrus Twist is pretty fab too, obvs.

In this video, I talk (somewhat randomly) about Dawson (of ‘Creek‘ fame). So my chosen song is from the soundtrack and I’ve always loved it.

It’s about being who you are, which is – ta da! – also the other message in my chatty bit. I just love it when that happens!

Hope you enjoy the video guys, and I’ll be back again before you know it. Thanks for all the love. xx