10 ‘makes’ to make you happy


It can be a battle to stay bright, especially once the turkey’s all eaten and the pressies are all opened. But we shall not succumb to the post-festive blues, girls! 2018 is a fresh new (D-ring) album, just waiting to be filled.

Here are my simple tips for how to turn around a glum day…


1. Make plans

How do you want 2018 to look? What’s important to you? What do you want to make more time for?

Jot down some simple notes in your planner.


2. Make do

Pennies can be a bit tight in January, so it’s a good idea to have a fresh look at what’s already there.

See what scrap product you already have or what tins of food you have lurking in the back of the kitchen cupboard.

You can even look at your wardrobe and work out how to layer items up differently – just to keep things feeling fresh.


3. Make time for you

We all need time for ourselves and it’s often at this time of the year that our needs fall to the bottom of the list.

So run that bath; take yourself off to your craft room with a favourite podcast; make a brew and lie on the sofa with Strictly… whatever reminds you that you are important and worthy of being cherished and cared for.



4. Make a mood board

Grab a load of old magazines and a glue stick and just go for it.

The trick here is to try to turn your brain off a bit; instead of cutting out pictures that you think you ought to like, listen to your heart.

If you think you need to cut out that lady cleaning her perfect home, but the inner you is craving leisurely cups of tea in the garden, then that’s the image you should be snipping.


5. Make friends with chaos

Life is messy; things don’t always go to plan. We get behind on our chores and things get out of control. Children’s friends appear and our carefully organised houses are – ahem – enjoyed.

Having a go-with-the-flow, adaptable attitude is really key in staying afloat when things get a little crazy.


6. Make your bed

This sounds daft, but it really works. If you make your bed in the morning, it sets you on a positive, “Can-do!” path. Try it and see!


7. Make something small

Creativity is such therapy, but when we’re feeling low or bogged down, it can be the last thing we feel like doing.

So keep it super-small.

Just sit at your desk. Stick a photo onto a journalling card and write down a memory. Don’t beat yourself up with feelings of guilt about all the big, impressive projects you ‘ought’ to be doing.

You’ll feel like doing those again before too long, just not right now.


8. Make friends with food

We sometimes need to remind ourselves that this stuff is good: it’s our friend and keeps our bodies fuelled.

Yes, some of it is less nutritious, but as my mum used to say, “A bit of what you fancy does you good.”

Keep things mostly healthy and a treat every few days won’t hurt one bit.


9. Make peace with *your* life

It can be so tempting to look at someone else’s online ‘highlight reel’ and feel that our life doesn’t measure up. Perhaps particularly at Christmas when our Instagram feeds are full of beautifully decorated trees and incredible December projects.

Making peace with yourself, your home, your family and your circumstances is just so liberating, as it’s when we truly start to appreciate what’s right there, that we realise quite how blessed we are.


10. Make a record of your everyday

Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform for many reasons, but the way it most positively influences my life is by getting me outside taking photos to share later with my friends.

When you carry a camera in your bag you start to see things differently, finding beauty in unexpected places – even in your everyday neighbourhood.

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