2018 plans


What do you want 2018 to look like?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? On the one hand, our fates are kind of out of our control and life will throw at us what it will, but on the other, we can make choices that hugely influence how our day to day lives end up looking.

I’ve been giving this a bit of thought over the past few days. Here’s what I’d like for my year…


1. Keep getting outside everyday – it just does my head so much good. But I need to stop mentally rushing ahead to the time when we’ll have to leave this paradise: enjoying here and now is the name of the game.


2. Revel in each stage of my daughter’s development – even the bits that feel a bit of a challenge. I plan to follow my parenting instincts and hope to be consistent.


3. Really appreciate the small, everyday blessings. Deciding that I have enough and consuming less fits here too (not craft stuff, mind you: a work-girl needs her tools!)


4. Push myself creatively – not so much with the quantity, but the quality, making work that I’m really proud of and taking the time to photograph it well.


5. Be more present to those I love, really listening and engaging with what’s going on in their worlds. I mustn’t take on their problems though: just listen, then give them to God.


6. Stop over-de-cluttering our home and be okay with having stuff! And be okay with a bit of mess from time to time. Maybe..?


7. Enjoy the process of making at least one faithscrappers video a month. Maybe more, but I need to slow the creation process down so that each stage is a joy, not an activity to be rushed through and ticked off.


8. Keep recording our daily lives. Even if it means paying the child £1 per photo shoot!


9. Quieten my spirit down enough to hear God’s whispers. Which involves some degree of self-control around social media and other life-busyness: not easy, but so worth it.


10. Embrace the 45-year old me. Realise that it’s okay that I don’t look like the twenty year old me – because I’m really not supposed to at this stage of my life!

What are some of your goals for the coming year? Feel free to leave me a comment, I’d really love to hear!

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