Little Fish


I know, I know, she’s just doing what it says on her tin: growing up. But I’m still kind of sad.

Don’t get me wrong: she’s a cracking little tweenager… it’s just. You know: my baby’s gone *schniff*


Scrapbooking really comes into it’s own for me when it comes to dealing with life’s little changes like this…

I can sit and create and throw a little pity party while listening to some soul-refreshing music, then move on feeling much better.


The song lyrics by Nichole Nordeman were very much my starting point. I literally sat and typed them onto vellum before I’d even chosen my photo.


The rest of the page was a little risky, as I’m actually colour-blind after dark, which is why I buy products in colours that I know will co-oridnate (and mainly work during the day!) I’m not sure the yellows here quite ‘go’ but perhaps the difference is okay.

All adds to the ‘sweetie’ look I love so much, right? Lol.

4 thoughts on “Little Fish

  1. Alicia McNamara

    I absolutely love this. My two little boys are doing the same…we are all getting older. Thank you for the reminder of appreciating the moments. I adore your work.
    Alicia xx

    Liked by 1 person

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