Slow down


This week has felt like walking into the wind. I wonder if you have those weeks? It’s not that I’m super busy, just that the usual stuff has felt more of an effort.


It’s at times like this that I find myself making excuses.

I find myself wanting to forget my morning walks (too cold) and switch all my regular drinks for chocolate (nice and hot).

I find my morning devotional times getting shorter, as I’m distracted by the whirl of life around me.


But my soul is craving slow.

It’s so life-giving for me to seek out those pockets of respite from my noisy world. Because it’s in these gentler times, that I can switch off all the inner chatter and be quietly aware of God.


And He’s there to be found.

He’s there as I sit listening to the steady ticking of my kitchen clock, and He’s there as the seas churn and dance and fling their sparkling waters at the sky.

He’s always there for us.

Always there. For us.

2 thoughts on “Slow down

  1. Ginny

    Sometimes we all need to slow down & be quiet. In this busy season we need to be more gentle with ourselves. While I was sitting with my husband at the hospital often in a darkened room while he slept I felt a peace come over me calming my terror. I think we’re closer to God when we are quiet & open our hearts & minds. .

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