Festive intentionality


Hey gang! I wanted to drop in and share a couple of thoughts about approaching the festive season with intentionality.

One area I always need to see a bit of an eye on myself is in my use (and sometimes overuse!) of social media.


If you’re interested in thinking more around the issue of social media and it’s influences on us (and how it can affect us when we do take a break), I’d highly recommend having a listen to this week’s RobCast, where Rob is interviewed by his awesome wife, Kristen.


The song that fits my theme today is Mariah’s Christmas belter, but it also works when you think of the thing the singer most wants as being Jesus.

And if falling deeper in love with Him isn’t the loudest cry of my heart this Christmas, I certainly want it to be, you know?

Here’s the link to the Holley Gerth book I’m going to be reading in the run-up to Christmas: I feel like a little pondering on what God thinks of me might do me a whole lot of good while I switch off all the external chatter for a bit.

Sending all my love for a wonderful festive season for you and your families!

5 thoughts on “Festive intentionality

  1. Hope you enjoy your break and a meaningful holiday season! I am going to check out that book – I have (and loved) another one of Holley’s called “What Your Heart Needs For the Hard Days”. I discovered it at a time I really needed it and I highly recommend it.

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  2. Ginny

    I wish you & your family a wonderful peaceful holiday. We all need to take more time for the ones we love most. We are at home in Indiana until the new year to spend time with our family. My daughters & grandkids make me so happy. Merry Christmas & love Hope to see you back in 2018 rested & your creativity bursting.

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