Festive contentment


It’s a tough time of year to not get swept up in being all about the stuff, isn’t it? I keep thinking of the line in that song, “How much baby, do we really need?”

For us people of faith especially, it makes sense to be a little intentional at this time of the year and not get caught up in media pressure to over-consume.

Our focus is on celebrating our Saviour’s birthday wholeheartedly and festively – but with plenty of thought for others less fortunate too.


It can take a bit of courage to keep gifts small and thoughtful, but it’s good to try and do. We live in a world where lots of people don’t get their basic needs met, you know?

I’ve done my shopping this year, but next year I need to remember to check out the charity catalogues for little goodies that might be cute or useful to my loved ones.


Luckily I only like a handful of colours, so I’m not tempted to change my decorations scheme each year. But wouldn’t the shops love us to do just that?

I think there’s something lovely about bringing out the same old box of goodies year after year. And you don’t need loads to give your main room a really sweet, cheery look.

Homemade decorations are cute option and you can’t beat pine cones strung up or thrown in big bowls with fairy lights. Paper decorations give lots of visual ‘pop’ too.

Or how about adding one extra bauble a year to your tree?


I’m popping these little photo montages in with the Christmas cards I’ve made this year, just to give a flavour of our year. I figure the unexpected surprise might make the card a little more fun to get.

I’d recommend checking out the freeprints app.


I love how things are going back in the direction of homemade being best. There’s nothing like getting a present that someone’s taken the time to create for you, is there?


In terms of festive clothing, I’m a big one for digging in your wardrobe and seeing what’s already there that might work.

It’s lovely to have new PJs and winter jumpers when you need them, but there’s also something to be said for enjoying what you’ve already been blessed with, you know?

What are your tips for resisiting the pressure to go on a festive spending spree?

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