Deep water


A special little FaithScrappers video today for those of faith who find themselves – perhaps suddenly – in uncomfortably deep water.

Know that you’re on my heart, sweet friends, and that I’m sending a prayer up for you, today especially.

I only wish there were sound-effects with these photos! That sound of the stones being dragged and thrown by that powerful water… wow.

Maybe you’re feeling a little like one of those stones today. Pummelled. Pounded.
Tossed about.

But know this, dear one: God’s got you. You’re safe; you’re not going under.

Today’s song has some lovely words and this lyric video is well worth a ponder on if you have a spare couple of minutes.

As you listen, let God whisper to you His gentle words of reassurance and hope.

“Oh frozen hope, oh broken dreams,
Just like a boat tossed on the raging seas;
You will walk on waves again,
When you have set your gaze on Him.”

4 thoughts on “Deep water

  1. K

    Thank you – this felt Ike a message after a tough few days and asking God earlier for help. Sometimes your videos are my church – you have an amazing gift for speaking to people through your art and bible readings

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