Instagram & Uggs


Good morning, sweet friends! Today I’m talking social media and alone time, how it’s useful for us to get a good balance for our own health.


There’s no judgement and no hard and fast rules – just what’s working for me right now and what I feel God’s putting on my heart.

I hope that comes across – I never want to be the ‘I’ve got this nailed’-girl (because you can’t imagine how far from the truth that is!)

I’m pairing those thoughts with a page about how my little girl is getting independent and how tough that can feel as a mummy. My mummy heart just longs to feel her little hand in mine or the warmth of her body on my lap, but those days are passing – natural, of course.

But I wonder if God’s Daddy heart never stops longing for His girls to curl up under His arm from time to time, you know? To turn to Him when we’re low, instead of having that reflex to grab our phones…  I just wonder.

Today’s song is awesome: give it a listen and join me in rocking out just a little bit. I also can’t help but love that this singer looks like a teenage Shimelle, lol.

2 thoughts on “Instagram & Uggs

  1. Wait – comments are open again? Whee! I’ve just finished exams, so watch out for an influx of comments, I guess. Trying to spend less time on instagram (failing) and haven’t managed to email you either, even though I keep seeing things that make me think “oh, Suse would like that”.

    I have a thing about shoes, so there’s lots more parallels that I could draw. But more lightheartedly, I’ve just ordered new yellow sandals, and this page makes me so excited for them. (Here’s a fun fact: Aus Post takes longer to deliver things to the other side of the country than Royal Mail/Aus Post combo takes to/from the other side of the world.)

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ooh, yellow sandals! How fun. Yes comments are back lovely friend… only so I can prise myself off Instagram for two seconds 😉 I figure if I let myself chat here, I won’t be quite so vocal there (that’s the plan, anyway) xxx


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