DIY dolls house


Seriously: just too, too much fun.


So this little project started with a ‘three-storey’ cube unit from B&Q which cost £22.

Little Fish already had a few bits of furniture, so all we really needed was furnishings… most of which could be made nice and cheaply.


The trick was to spot things in pound shops, thrift stores and in nature that could be re-purposed. The shelving unit here, for example, is a nail polish organiser and cost £1.20.


Scrap product was really useful, as were pictures from magazines.

I just need to finish sewing a few cushions and I think we’re there!

Little Fish has a couple of sets of ‘proper’ furniture to open with this house, so hopefully Barbie is set to become one happy little lady. Along with mine, hopefully.

14 thoughts on “DIY dolls house

  1. I’ve wanted to do a miniature for years because I think they are so cool, but I didn’t want to be “one of those people” haha. I see now that I should have just had a girl instead of a boy, and I would have had a valid excuse haha! It’s oh so cute!

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  2. Suse Fish

    You should do it, Lydia, seriously! I watch Grand Designs and think, “You guys just need to decorate a dolls house,” – it’s almost the same thrill 😉

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  3. Diane Buchkoski

    I’m sorry to bother you but I just had to. I couldn’t resist! This is just way too cute! Those close ups could be a real home. And it’s so much how your own home looks. I bet you just had great fun doing it. A lucky little girl she is to have a mama like you.

    And why I have you, ha! I must say I’ve been a Christian woman for my whole life and I’m 62. I’ve read the Bible many many times and have done many studies, but the way you present it in your Faithscrappers is just so fresh and simple but yet touches the heart in a very meaningful way. Maybe I identify with you so much that it is so clear or is the hand of God upon you my girl? I think it’s the latter. Beautiful in all ways are you. Funny I don’t know you but through the internet you are “a kindred spirit” as Anne of Green Gables said. By the way a wonderful book series for your daughter. The movie is wonderful for a mother daughter evening.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire us through the creative process and His Word. God bless. Diane aka Quietfawn

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  4. Ah this looks so wonderful! It takes me back to when I’d make my dolls dresses from fabric scraps and stationery from bits of paper as a kid. Had I been into scrapbooking when I was seven, I’m sure my doll house would have looked a bit like this. This house is so inviting, it makes me want to play! XD

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