Cute heat-free hair


I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to all things beauty. I buy skirts from thrift shops, t-shirts in the sales and pair them year-round with leggings and boots.

I also colour my own hair and like to style it without too much heat: here’s how I do it…


Starting with freshly washed and practically dry hair, I pop a – wait for it – doubled-up dressing gown belt on top of my head.

I saw a tutorial for this technique on youtube, only using a hairband. The hairband gives proper, full-on curly-curls, but this chunky belt gives the wavy, ‘just blow-dried’ look that I like.


Once it’s on your head and you look like the Karate Kid, you take sections of hair and wrap them round the belt. Keep going until it’s all wrapped.

Now give it half an hour or so to ‘set’ – I do my make-up, have breakfast and tidy up the kitchen. Warning: you may feel like an extra from a period drama at this point.


And that’s it! Not curly as such, but definitely given a body-boost – and this technique helps tame any frizz too.


Now professional hairdressers: look away now. Because not only do I cover my grey roots with this dark blonde shade at home (it’s the only one on the market I’ve found that *really* sticks and it’s super cheap), I also bleach the ends myself in an attempt at d.i.y balayage.

Now if you’re anything other than very light mouse to begin with, go to the hairdressers, or your hair may turn bright yellow.

But with the help of a Wella toner bought from e-bay, chemist-bought lighteners give me the caramel ‘bronde’ effect I like at a fraction of the professional cost (and I get to play at hairdressers too).

Not to mention avoiding the excruciating, introvert-agony of salon small talk… lol.

2 thoughts on “Cute heat-free hair

  1. Ugh, hairdressers and the dentist are the worst places to make small talk. Not to mention that I can’t think of any other professions* where you pay someone to critique your personal hygiene.

    * maybe podiatrists? And it’s also possibly only that last hairdresser that I went to that thinks it’s a good idea to tell me *everything* I’m doing wrong all at once.

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  2. Suse Fish

    Lol! I once had a hairdresser tell me that the problem with my hair was that it was, “poo-ey”… beat that! I think she meant that I’d processed it to within an inch of it’s life, so to be fair, the critique was deserved 😉 xx


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