Slightly seaglass obsessed


It’s an obsession, people: I just can’t resist it. I walk on the beach every day (great for my mental health) and every day, I come home with pockets bulging with the stuff.


I had the idea that it would be nice to fill a bottle with seaglass over our five or so years here… only… um…


There’s a limit to how many frames I can decorate with these beauties, so I’m currently on a thrift-store hunt for an even bigger glass ‘something’ to start filling.

Unless you guys have any great ideas for me…? Comment away, if you do!

2 thoughts on “Slightly seaglass obsessed

  1. marinette78

    Walking on the beach is soooo relaxing! I’m totally with you :: it’s very important for mental health! Looking at the sea again and again and walking on the beach is such a peaceful moment for me! Your frames are so gorgeous! Very inspiring idea ♥

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