Space tour & social media update


Hey friends! A little post about my current scrap set-up and how it’s working for me at the moment… join me for a tour of my scrappy corner of joy, as well as a little social media update.


Here’s my little corner of crafty goodness… it’s in the main living space and next to my daughter’s desk, both of which which I really like.


Most of my stuff is stashed on this Ikea trolley (my stamps are in that spotty box, for example) but I like to keep the things I use a lot right there on my desk.


This basket contains all my papers and is right there ready for me to rifle through. Doesn’t it just make you want to dive right in and get making? It does me!


Pretty much everything else is thrown in this fruit bowl. I’m not in the least bit bothered that it’s all disorganised as I love digging through it and discovering all sorts of pretty things that I’d forgotten were there!

Mittens also enjoys pulling out various embellishments and bats them onto the floor, thinking she’s being very clever (although on the day she pulled out two ‘Cute Girl’ kitten faces, we did wonder if she wasn’t actually a furry genius!)


Before I start a page, I will pull out most of the bits that I think I might use. I pop them in this cute ceramic dish from TKMaxx so everything is to hand.


Washi is kept in this thrift store bowl…


… and everything else is somewhere on my trolley.


Including my gorgeous rotating tool holder! How lovely is this? I won it in a very generous giveaway.

And that’s me!


Just before I go, I wanted to give you a quick update on my social media ‘status’ (lol).

You know how I tend to adjust and re-adjust things to find the right fit for me? Well, right now, life is a little more challenging than normal, so I’m finding myself needing to lose both Instagram and Facebook, at least for the meantime.

I find both platforms highly addictive, so they take a lot of my energy to resist and manage them well. But right now, top of my ‘be kind to me’-list is the need to hunker down and conserve energy for managing the stuff we all have to.


But don’t worry: my faithscrappers videos will absolutely keep coming! I love making them and feel that they are somehow part of God’s plan for me too.

Ooh, and I’ve turned comments back ‘on’ here so there’s always somewhere to connect if you’re not an emailer.

Happy weekends, folks: sending you so much love! xx

6 thoughts on “Space tour & social media update

  1. Ali

    I find myself so completely entranced and inspired by the your set up and your minimalist approach to scrapbooking. I have SO MUCH STUFF and I continually want all the things. A minimalist space with just what I need is so appealing but seems oddly out of reach.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Suse Fish

    Oh bless you, Ali! I think because I’m relatively new to this thing and scrapbook so often (pretty much everyday) I’ve never really managed to reach the point where I have much of a stash to speak of. But thank you so much for your kind words! xxx


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