Walk with me


I’m never sure if I’m not just repeating myself with these videos… sometimes the Bible verses I read out and the songs I link to seem oddly familiar.

But hey: if this is what God has put on my heart… let’s just bring it, you know?

This week’s song is a beautiful one by Matt Mayer, ‘Abide with me’. I especially like the words of the first verse:

“I have a home, eternal home;
But for now, I walk this broken world.
You walked it first, You know our pain;
But You show hope can rise again up from the grave.”

Hope: keeping on, keeping on because there’s always hope.

That’s what it’s all about for me… “A love that will not ever let me go” however tough things get or however life looks.

He’s good – all the time; all the time – He is good.