Giveaway: Wilna Furstenberg art journalling class

My beautiful pal Wilna has a fantastic new art journalling class out and she’s offering it for free to one of my friends!

Now I don’t need to tell you how much this incredibly talented lady has inspired, and – heck, let’s be honest – taught me how to scrapbook.

Every single time I watch her calming tutorials, I find myself feeling completely inspired to grab my mixed media products and just have a play.

For me, she took away the fear of experimentation: some of my favourite pages have resulted when I’ve emulated her carefree, fluid approach, especially when it comes to backgrounds.

So! For the chance to win her latest class, Art Journal Series 2, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me one thing you have learned from watching Wilna create that you now apply to your own work.

One comment per person please. I’ll pick a lucky winner in one week’s time!

10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Wilna Furstenberg art journalling class

  1. Oh my goodness! Wilna’s stuff is so ethereal and awe-inspiring, a little like your own! Wilna has definitely taught me to “just be” …be happy with the mess, be happy with the outcome, and enjoy the process. I’ve also learned to use Mod Podge and Modeling Paste liberally like butter; it just tastes better on everything 😉

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  2. Amy

    Thank you for this opportunity, Suse! (This is kittywittycreates from IG.) I am a huge fan of Wilna’s! I’ve done 4 art journaling pages along with her videos and I’ve learned to be more fearless in my art. I was also introduced to acrylic ink by Wilna and LOVE working with it. It’s so awesome for drips and splotches and mixing the white ink with different colors of acrylic paint! I would be thrilled to win these classes! 😀

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  3. I too love Wilna’s free spiritedness in her art! How she just embraces imperfection and just goes with the flow! I’ve been trying very hard to let that perfectionism go and I’m getting rather good at it! So I’m rather proud of that. But I love how she uses white paint (or just a lighter color on a dark background) to add her little dots and dashes…her embellishments to her art. That’s always fun to do. Thank you for this chance Suse!

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  4. Kayla Foister

    I was thrilled today when I saw her sneak peek. Wilna was one of the first scrapbookers that I watched on YouTube and I instantly fell in love with her style. I have made the move over to art journaling because of her tutorials.

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  5. Emma

    If I’m honest, I’d never heard of Wilna till I saw this post. I went on over to her blog and read a post about what to do when you have no idea what to do and I really needed that today. I also felt inspired by how she uses such bright colours. I’m going to pray over her suggestions, splash some colour and see where God leads 🙂 Oh and hunt Wilna down on youtube and sub obviously hehehe

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  6. Kyle

    What a great giveaway! I learned many things from Wilna- some I have yet to try (gelatos) and others (modeling paste) I’ve gotten brave enough to experiment with thanks to her. She definitely inspires me to push myself creatively!

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  7. Suse Fish

    Thanks so much to all you lovelies who entered this giveaway! I’ve picked kittywittycreates as our winner – hope you love the class, Amy! xxx


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