Why me & IG are “on a break”


I was standing on the empty beach, just me, the seagulls and the soul-lulling rhythmic crashing of the waves. The sun was just starting to peek above the rooftops, sending gorgeous sparkling reflections over the still-wet sand.

I inhaled deeply: this was living. This was feeling alive. This was – me, itching to get back home so I could photograph my latest layout and start all the likes coming in.

Um, hello?


I know: I could leave the post right there.

The plot had been well and truly lost. And for those wondering if this has happened to me before: remember me going long-term awol a little while back?

But there are other reasons I’m taking this ‘break’ (and for ‘break’, I’m afraid that I am referring to the Ross and Rachel kind – I rather suspect that between blogging, youtube Faithscrapping and the awesome ScrapGals Facebook community, my sharing/social media itch will be well and truly taken care of).


So – in no particular order – here are my reasons for the break

I suspect God would like me to seek His approval over than my friends’ ‘likes’ and meaningless ‘follower goals’.

I’m not sure why I’m putting quite so much energy into promoting ‘me’ – I don’t want a career in this field, so need to question what motives lurk behind all the approval-seeking.


I’m getting older and I want to embrace my life stage instead of shooting only on ‘good hair days’, in flattering lighting and with careful filters.

I find Instagram too exciting: it overstimulates me and robs me of calm.

It can leave me feeling very envious, especially when it comes to others’ scrapbooking layouts and Design Team successes. Which is daft, because I’m certain that God has other – Kingdom-not-product-promoting – plans for me.


The snaps only ever show part of my story: behind each carefully curated shot is often a very lived-in home/more open make-up palettes than I’d ever normally dip into.

I think I’d reached the point where I cared more about my virtual life than my real one. Or put so much energy into my online ‘me’ that the real ‘me’ was permanently worn out!

As you can see, something had to give, and as joyful and creative and fun and awesome as Instagram is… well, ‘all good things’.

So here’s to scaling things back to the point where I realise that trading away the reality of wandering on one of the most beautiful beaches in Britain for anything – virtual or otherwise – is… well, bonkers would be an understatement.