Washing out the goo


Real life: it gets messy. It just does.

We try and clean everything up, but some days we can’t help but find ourselves standing at the sink picking goo off of a brand new pair of leggings, because someone thought it was a good idea to cuddle their ‘glow in the dark’ slime in bed.


I wasn’t in the brightest of moods this morning, having been woken by tears at 5am because someone was literally stuck to their bed-sheet.

I know – I’m smiling now. But at the time? Ruined sheet, ruined leggings (where were the PJs anyway?) and ruined slime toy: not so jolly mummy.


As I lay awake in the dark trying to work out whether it was worth trying to get back to sleep, I considered possible punishments. No pocket money this week? No swimming on Saturday? No replacement goo, that was for sure.

Then it struck me.

She’d not done it deliberately; she hadn’t wanted to wreck everything.

She’d simply nodded off testing out her new slime’s ‘glow in the dark’ qualities and she certainly wouldn’t be doing it again.


A lot of the time, we get ourselves into sticky messes that we didn’t see coming. 

We say things without really engaging our brains.

We make jokes, not realising the damage that our words are causing in others’ tender hearts.

We get so caught up in what’s happening in our worlds that we forget to check in on other people; we forget that they’re fighting tough battles too.


Thank goodness for grace, though eh? For kindness, forgiveness and fresh – goo-free – starts.

Thank goodness for the God who sees our tear-soaked faces as we look uncomprehendingly at our gloop-covered trousers and responds, not by telling us off, but by pulling us in for a great big hug, with words of reassurance and comfort whispered straight into our sleep-damp hair.

Because He loves us: so very tenderly.