Courage, daughter


It’s an odd one, being real. Because you want to show up and be honest, but at the same time no one enjoys being an onlooker to an, “ooch – too raw, too vulnerable”– display.

I’ve not been sure about where to go with some less-than-easy feelings recently, so have ended up waiting until things blew over a little.


But you do want to be honest and show up, because that’s life isn’t it? If we all waited until life was peachy before putting content out there, we’d never get round to it, you know?


So this week’s faithscrappers offering comes to you from the trenches of life: in the thick of things feeling not quite right.

But it’s okay – because perhaps it’s helpful for someone out there to know that things aren’t always simple and rosy on this side of the pretty Instagram filters.

And of course, in the words of Rob Bell – and as always with our good God – it’s okay, even when it isn’t.


This page was made with the *be-autiful* Felicity Jane ‘Zoey’ kit, which is up there in my top five FJ kits for sure. It’s sugar and spice and all things nice and I’ve just about stopped shaking at the fact that I have it in my possession.

Seriously! Thanks a million, sweet Danielle.


So – on the off-chance that life is proving a little more effort than normal for you too right now, here’s my little prayer over you… go ahead and claim it, friend:

Loving Father,
Thank you for your love that never leaves us and never lets us down. Thank you for always forgiving us when we get it wrong. Would you draw alongside us and comfort us and remind us that your love is enough? That you are all we need; all we’ve ever needed. Amen