Creating with genuine scrap


I love the idea that you don’t need very much by way of materials to get creative. In fact, some of the strangest items provide the best creative jumping off points for me.

Here are some of the weird and wonderful things that routinely find their way into my scraptherapy books…

Beach finds
Small shells, seaglass, bits of old string… I once even found a strip of old camera film washed up on the shore which looked gorgeous folded behind a transparent sticker.

Scrap product packaging
Obviously the best brands (in my books!) are the ones with black and white packaging: Felicity Jane, Heidi Swapp and Illustrated Faith. But any packaging can be great for popping sequins in and using as a layering piece in your project.

Normal packaging
I like to keep an eye out for pretty bags (even one from our local bakers made it into my book – nice smell…), sweetie wrappers and other cute packaging. Nothing goes in the recycling box without being evaluated for scrap potential (the trick is grabbing it before Little Fish does!)

Packaging extras
Sometimes a tag on an item will make the perfect spot in which to scribble some private journalling. Or a bottle top will work instead of flair. The binder I made from the box my planner came in is now one of my favourites!

Cute printed things
CD sleeves, biscuit packets, fruit winder wrappers… I’m not fussy: if it’s pretty and makes me feel happy, I’ll use it somehow.

Things that come in the mail
I like to snag nice envelopes to pop in as they are; another trick is to use the postmark area of the envelope as a layering piece to add a bit of interest and a sense of place. And pretty cards look super-lovely trimmed down into journalling cards…

Things that Kitty has made
Hama bead creations are my favourites as they fit so well into pockets, but I like to add kiddy artwork, homemade keyrings and even pom-pom & lolly-stick animals if I can.

Chopped up magazines
Images snipped from magazines can be great to create mood boards, layering pieces and journalling cards. I have a particular obsession with paint sample cards… watch out B&Q!