You are not your stats


I’ve made the opening shot of this post a layout because – full disclosure – I’ve noticed that scrapbooking brings in the footfall over here in blogland.

Do I crave footfall? Do I need followers and likes and subscribers?

Well, those are some of the questions I’d like us to ask today. And why not get as many folks as possible pondering these challenging soul-health questions? (Tee hee – see what I did there? Proper crafty.)


So here’s what I was thinking about this morning on my morning beach-front stroll (while I wasn’t concentrating on keeping my skirt down in the wind, that is; there’s ‘cute and flippy’ and there’s ‘get a load of my legging-clad tushie’).

I was listening to a mix of my favourite songs and that lovely one from Nashville came on, with the lyrics: “I don’t need fame… no one to know my name…”

There are maybe some questions that we spiritually-inclined makers could benefit from asking ourselves from time to time – just to make sure our Main Thing is the main thing.

Be as honest as you can (I will too) and gauge how your spirit responds to the following questions…


* Knowing which sort of pictures get most likes on Instagram, how strongly inclined am I to post pictures that I know will prove popular? Have I ever created something crafty with Instagram ‘likes’ or followers in mind?


* How important to me is popularity? Do I search for Design Team success to validate my wobbly sense of self-worth creatively? Do I crave the latest freebies? Do I feel the need to prove myself and keep up with others in my work?

* Am I hungry for more followers on social media because I know that followers = Design Team success?

* How easy is it for me to share or let go of my products?

* Do I constantly crave more of the latest goodies? Do I value the things I already own?


* Am I posting on social media to share my creativity or because I feel unseen or in need of validation?

* Am I turning to Facebook and Instagram when I feel lonely instead of turning to God?


* Am I genuinely supportive of other scrapbookers? Do I cheer them on and celebrate their successes or see them as competition?

* Am I listening out for God’s call on my life or forging ahead with what I so desperately want?

* Am I content to just wait when I sense God is giving me the red light?


* How would I feel if God told me to shut the whole thing – scrapbooking, social media, making – down tomorrow? Could I be obedient to His call?

*  Is my online persona in danger of becoming more real than the real me? Am I nervous for people to see me make-up less in real life or is the online version pretty realistic?

* Does the online persona I’ve created ever feel stifling or too much work to maintain?
Is there an end goal that I’m working towards or is it just about growing numbers?

I wonder if any of these questions stood out for you or rang any uncomfortable bells? I’ll be giving them some thought too and will certainly let you know if I come to any conclusions! xx