Swimming at the deep end


Here are a couple of questions to think about after watching this week’s video, if you fancy delving a little deeper on a personal level.

(Feel free to watch the video and discuss in small groups or in your own private devotions.)


* In which areas of your life do feel out of your depth right now? Can you identify the number one emotion you feel when you think about these situations?


* How does your sense of struggle affect the way you feel about God? Do you find it easier to love God when things are going smoothly?


* In what areas do you sense God’s challenge to go deeper and be braver? What is your initial response to that call? Do we ever feel ready to step out in faith?


* Can you think of a time in your life when you’ve moved to the deep end only to need to return to the shallows, because you’ve not felt ready? In what ways might a certain amount of movement between the two parts of the pool be part of our journeys?


* What are some small practical steps you can take this week to move towards that slightly deeper water?

Finish with prayer, perhaps asking for God’s comfort, help and guidance.