Getting a good selfie


There’s no expensive photoshoot required to get a series of shots of you that you’re really happy with.

Here are my top tips for mastering the perfect selfie…


* learn how to use your camera’s auto setting

* pick a pretty background

* catch yourself on a good hair day


* alternatively, shoot into a mirror (if you’re over 40, a slightly dusty one can be your best friend)

* pick your very favourite outfit

* don’t be afraid to pose away – no one can see you!


* take a shed-load from different angles and expressions

* every now and then, pull a daft face to relax your facial muscles

* experiment with the position of the mirror for different lighting effects


* for a relaxed, happy look, think of someone you love or something funny

* don’t be afraid to let your personality (plus age and flaws!) shine through

* edit them well, focussing especially on brightness, contrast and fill light