Re-working a duff layout


I know: you’re going to be really sweet and say that it wasn’t a duffer, but to me… well, the design just wasn’t working.

Here’s my duff page (and what I did to fix it)…


Okay: so my story was my prayer for Kitty in this move.

It’s tough as mums to watch our little ones have to navigate big changes and in the week she started at her new school, I wanted to pour my troubled mama-heart into a layout: faith scrapping and scraptherapy rolled into one big 12×12 chunk of fun!


It started fine.

In fact, I was really pleased at first. I was trying my very hardest to turn off the edit button and push myself beyond what I’m comfortable doing. So I layered up papers, stamped, painted and splattered and was really happy with the resulting artsy background.

But then it came to putting things down onto my page… and there was just so much to squeeze on that – to my mind – it lost all focus.


Actually, looking at it now, it doesn’t seem all that bad.

But at the time, it wasn’t feeling like a keeper (ooh, did I mention I sling all but my very favourite layouts after peeling everything apart again? I think of it like drawing a really cute picture on a blackboard then rubbing it clean to have another go).


So – after photographing it – I decided to pull it all apart and try again.

I wasn’t sure whether to paint over the edges of the layout with white paint or fold my page in two or what, but I knew it needed to be less busy to be truly me right now.

In the end, I decided to split the piece into two: I kept the cutest chunk of artwork to make one page and popped a few other bits into (and onto) pockets on the other side.


I feel much happier with the result.

I love the title and like how you can take your time to look at all the details, instead of being accosted with the whole thing at once.

I don’t think I’ll ever turn my back completely on 12x12s, but this smaller size really does float my boat!