Steps towards calmer living


Life is busy and it’s easy to get caught up in all the noise. Before we know it, we’re feeling weary, restless and – well, kind of unfulfilled.

The Bible says to “Seek peace and pursue it.” (Psalm 34:14) That seeking is not easy: it’s a going against the flow of the over-stimulating, chatterbox-world we’re in. But intentional living is well worth considering if your heart needs a bit of a home.

Here are my top tips for calming your world down, just a little bit…


One: sit down with a coffee every day

You might want to read a page of your book, say a prayer or just look at the garden, but taking a little time each day to turn off the devices, check in with yourself and just breath is so restorative.

It’s not being lazy: it’s essential self-care.


Two: keep your ‘to do’ list short

Giving yourself just a couple of things to achieve each day on top of all the usual tidying up/work/childcare makes things feel a little more manageable.

If your only extra task today is to bake some cupcakes or mow the lawn, you’re left with more time to get outside, relax or be creative.


Three: give yourself headspace by taking a photo walk

Even a simple walk around the block can give you breathing space and refresh you.

And if you take your camera, you can keep an eye out for cute cats and pretty flowers (or minty green-painted doors, of course).


Four: be mindful with social media use

Try and find your ‘sweet spot’ with social media.

For me, that means not owning a smartphone, then following only a handful of you-tubers on my mac, being in three positive Facebook groups (but only seeing news from family) and keeping only half an eye on Instagram.

Ooh, and I also take Sundays off social media completely, just to have a breather.

There’s no right or wrong here, but it’s good to check in with ourselves and be honest about how our social media use is affecting us, then be strong enough to make any necessary changes.


Five: schedule time to be creative

Whether that’s making a full layout or just sticking some shells to an empty jam-jar, we creative sorts need to gift ourselves time to make.

It’s not an indulgence, it’s a necessity.


Six: set some limits for spending

I find I’m loads happier if I set myself a budget for spending and stick to it.

Buying treats can cheer us up, but the less we do it (and the smaller the treats are) the more special and satisfying they seem to become.

One of those funny gratitude things!


Seven: get some exercise

I am not an exercise girl, in any way shape or form and only ever go swimming when Kitty drags me to the pool by my hair.

But I do enjoy popping on a podcast and going for a nice long walk.

Just getting outside and moving our bodies works wonders for our minds and it’s good for our hearts too.


Eight: eat good things

I’m no great cook, but I know that when I eat wholesome things, I feel better about myself, both physically and mentally.

I’ve had to learn that healthy eating is not about denial, dieting and rumbling tummies. It’s about eating a good plateful of something healthy whenever we’re hungry to keep our engines stoked.

For me, it’s about having yoghurt, fruit and dark chocolate in the house instead of crisps, cakes and biscuits, so that when I’m nibbly, there’s something good on hand.


Nine: get stuck into a good book

Books – remember those? Lol.

Find an author you enjoy and get stuck in to someone else’s life for an hour or so.


Ten: remember your creator

Faith or no faith, the most peace-giving thing of all in my books is to think heavenwards every now and then.

Say thank you for something or just appreciate a nice evening sky: He’s there and He’s never not loving you, friend.