8 tips for a pretty IG feed


One of my favourite creative joys is making my Instagram feed look lovely – I think of it as a giant online pinboard that tells folks all about me at a glance.

It’s not full of fibs, but it is carefully curated. Here are my top tips for a fresh and pretty Instagram grid…


Tip 1: keep it white

I tend to focus on my subject, then move the camera a little so that the frame includes as much pale pavement or bleached sky as possible.

All that white really helps the colours pop.

Adding quotes or typed thoughts on white backgrounds gives your grid breathing space too, if that bright look is your thing.


Tip 2: catch yourself on a good day

I’m sitting here typing this in yoga pants, an over-sized sweatshirt and a messy bun. But you don’t need to know that. As far as anyone else is concerned, my life is lived in pretty striped things and polka dots. *winks*

If you feel even halfway good about yourself or are just having a better-than-average hair day: grab that camera.

It’s not vain: we girls of floppy self-esteem need all the ego bolstering we can get!


Tip 3: think about your ‘vibe’

I think of my look as beachy, clean and slightly retro and the colours and themes in my photos reflect that feel.

It’s an idea to think about what vibe you want your feed to have so it reflects your personality and has a coherent feel to it.


Tip 4: have fun

I don’t feel a scrapbooker’s feed needs to be entirely full of layouts and projects; I like to show that I’m more than just my work.

Sometimes it’s nice to show folks what you’re getting up to and spotting the humour and fun in your everyday life is nice for everyone to enjoy.


Tip 5: keep your camera in your bag

You never know when you’ll spot the perfect shot or moment that you want to remember.

I was in a Cathedral service the other week and spotted the sun shining down from a stained glass window in the most stunning way. I didn’t quite have the nerve to start snapping mid-service, but on any other occasion, I’d have been there!


Tip 6: find the beauty in the everyday

Some things are just pretty! Kids’ toys, cute carrier bags, little bits you’ve bought… snap away on a white background and see if you like the result.

I photographed my shampoo bottle the other day because I liked the colour… there’s batty for you!


Tip 7: creative projects can be small

I wouldn’t wait for the perfect layout before snapping a ‘creativity’ photo.

Just pop a few pretty things on your desk and show everyone what you’re up to: we creative lasses love nothing more than peeking into each other’s creative processes and crafty lives.


Tip 8: make grids for weaker photos

If some of your images don’t really warrant their own post, just pop them into a grid in Photoshop or other editing software. The resulting patchwork effect can be really cute.