How creativity keeps me sane


I don’t make any secret of being a highly sensitive, introverted sort, prone to spots of self-doubt and bursts of the blues. I think a lot of us creative types are.

Here are some ways that making helps me to combat the concerns…


1. Photography gets me outside

Sometimes I put on a podcast, walk fast with big strides, convincing myself that I’m *almost* exercising.

Other days I’ll just meander around town with only my thoughts and prayers for company.

Either way: being outside (whatever the weather and especially alone) is very, very good for me and I try to do it every day if I can.


2. Carrying a camera opens your eyes in a new way

It’s almost like your way of looking at things changes – you suddenly spot pretty coloured doors and see nice compositions in everyday scenes you otherwise might have just walked past.

And looking for the beauty in the everyday stuff around you gives you a fresh gratitude for all those little daily blessings that we tend to take for granted: fresh air, freedom, pastel-coloured buildings…


3. Being a little bit organised helps us to feel more in control

I once heard Becky Higgins say that as soon as she has an important thought, she writes it down, because then there’s room for new thoughts.

And it’s so true: ‘brain dumping’ leaves room for lots of fresh new ideas and stops us endlessly turning over the old ones.


4. Creativity sessions turn those annoying voices off for a bit

Getting lost in the process and forgetting ourselves and our concerns for a bit: that’s true therapy, isn’t it? For me, just re-organising all my pretty things has a similar effect.

Pop a podcast on, make a favourite drink and gift yourself a good half an hour just to sit and do whatever you feel like doing.

It’s a real treat to forget you for just a little bit.


5. Being real is incredibly liberating

I used to be frightened of posting real-life stuff online – what would people think if they saw my laughter lines or my crumpled second hand sofa?

Turns out, there’s not so many of us live those picture-perfect Pinterest lives and finding beauty in the everyday is a pursuit well worth promoting.

Because right here, right now is all any of us have. And shabby or immaculate, crinkled or perfectly laundered, it’s all a total gift.