Hey, my ducks! Just a quickie from me to let you know that my Faith Scrappers series is back up and running over on my YouTube channel in case you didn’t realise.

While I’m here, I have a quick question for you though…


I’m curious to know because I can’t really tell from the viewing stats, but are non-religious processes something you’d like to see too? How about the more crafty ones? Project Life or layouts? Or do you enjoy a big mix of everything?

If you can pop me a comment or private message over on Instagram, I’d be keen to hear.

If it were down to me, I’d probably just stick to these faith-centred ones, but if some of you guys don’t love the religious bit…  well, I don’t want to lose you!


Sending loads of love and a big hug for each and every one of you. Thanks for being so awesome.