Easy-breezy creativity


I’m not exactly sure what’s changed, but these days, I’m finding that my crafty sessions need to be short and sweet.

It’s perhaps finding a better balance to my days: realising that to flourish, I need to be getting myself outside regularly and keeping on top of things – at least a little bit – in my home.

So here are some of my top tips for keeping scrapbooking sessions easy, breezy and lots of fun…


1. Have everything set up and ready to go

Whether you’ve got a designated scrap room or work in a corner of your kitchen, having it all there ready to go is a great motivator to fit small creative sessions into your day.

I love having everything out and ready: anything that takes away the ‘performance’ element of the activity really works for me.


2. Have tools within reach

On a similar note, it really helps me if I don’t have to spend time setting up at the start of a scrap session and tidying everything away at the end.

This caddy is brilliant for keeping everything right there and looks pretty too.


3. Have tools plugged in and within reach

If you have to move to another part of the room or take something out of it’s box to use it, you won’t remember to. At least, that’s what I find. If it’s there, I spot it and use it.

The same goes for paints which are stashed in this little box: because they’re within sight, I remember to reach for them.


4. Forget over-sorting

While it looks great to have everything in well organised rows and looking pretty on your desk, it doesn’t need to be like that.

I would actually argue that trying to keep things tidy while you work is counter-productive to the creative flow: so just sling things that are a similar size somewhere within reach. Job done.


5. Stash papers together in a box

It becomes a fun part of the process to rummage through your box and throwing everything in together means that you can more easily spot which patterns work well together. Sometimes you find yourself being surprised.


6. Throw cut-aparts and stickers in a big tray together

It’s fun to rummage through and you can be surprised by which items from different collections look really fab together.

Plus you can see what you’ve got and (note to self) when you really don’t need to buy more.


7. Keep making sessions small

Some days all you might have time for is to layer up a few pretty papers and add two stickers: and that’s okay.

Don’t feel the pressure to make your creativity session all about the layout every single time.

Just have some fun and give yourself some time off your ‘to do’ list (by decorating it, lol)


8. Don’t create with online sharing in mind

A brilliant way to add shed-loads of pressure to your creative playtime is to make with the aim of sharing the result on social media.

Just play.

If you like the end result and the lighting’s good enough: go ahead and share. If not, just pop it in your book or album and pat yourself on the back for caring about yourself enough to make time for your hobbies.


9. Don’t let the pretty stuff become a distraction

You don’t need much in the way of materials to get really creative.

My first ever scrapbooking session took place with a little beginners scrapbooking set bought from e-bay and a Pritt Stick and I had an absolute ball.

Sometimes thoughts of, “If I only had…” get in the way of us getting creative. Sometimes not having what we want forces us to be creative, as in the case of the album cover above, made from a pretty box.

You probably have enough stuff: go for it.


10. Forget perfect

If you can give yourself permission to get a bit scruffy with your scrapbooking, everything becomes a lot easier.

You don’t need the perfect album or page protectors to keep everything immaculate, because that’s not what this activity is about for us.

It’s about choosing; making decisions; having fun because you’re sticking something down where it makes you happy to stick it.

This is our playtime: let’s really let our hair down and have some fun.