There’s a grid and your face is on it


I like the picture you chose: you’re smiling in a way that shows your teeth and you just look so happy.

I love your hair too: it looks lovely when it blows in the breeze like that and you don’t need a scrap of make-up to look just so gorgeously you.

Lucky duck. To be picked; have your talent recognised; be chosen for the team.


Those little black and white grids have such an effect on us, don’t they? They can make us puff up with almost unbelievable pride at having accomplished our dreams and they can shoot pangs of, ‘What about me?’-agony directly into our hearts.

But I take it you’ve seen the latest team announcement? I hope you re-posted it and felt super-proud.

Because your cute face was right in the middle of the grid and you looked just so perfectly you.


It’s a bloomin’ big team actually – yep, I made this one too! Been on it 30-odd years now, but I’m still grinning like a crazy person.

Some days I’m not sure how I got picked, but I suspect this one isn’t a team we got onto by being good at anything.


But I love that we’re all there: stitched together like a big patchwork quilt, no one square bigger than the other, each needing the other squares around us for support, for survival… family.

God’s Great Design Team: I love being on it with you, friend.