Reading the Bible, simply


When I was younger, I would decide that I was going to read my Bible every single day.

Or that I was going to read the whole thing in a year. Or that I was going to stick to a set of Bible reading notes and really get ‘stuck into the Word.’

But every single time I failed and that didn’t feel great.


These days, I’ve found that the secret to reading my Bible regularly is to keep it *really* simple. Simple and small.

How long does it take to eat a bowl of porridge? That’s how long I read the Bible for every morning.


I pick a book to read through in my large print hardback copy of The Message (I’d recommend James or one of the gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – if you’re just starting out) then read a small chunk of verses.

I underline anything that grabs me with a black coloured pencil.


If something puzzles me or I find it interesting, I draw a little thought bubble next to it. I might ask my minister hubby about it later. Or I might not; it’s okay.


If a phrase jumps out at me as being a great contender for a spot of Bible Journalling when I’ve got the time, I might do a quick scribble.


And that’s it. I take the rest of my coffee through to the living room, ask madam to give me ten minutes of peace, then get comfy, close my eyes and have a go at praying.

Sometimes I manage to pray; sometimes I daydream. Sometimes I just fall asleep!

But it’s okay. Because I’ve finally worked out that God doesn’t need anything from us – just our humble, willing hearts.


I make an effort to remember those I know who are hurting. And that’s not a fancy prayer: it’s just saying their name silently in my head and letting a few moments pass while I think of them.

Super simple.


I hope this inspires you to find a little spot in your day that you can fill with… well, nothing much more than the gentle kiss of God’s peace. Which is actually rather precious, not to mention a lovely, gentle way to start the day.

Sending blessings, friends!