ScrapTherapy intro


Hey friends! One of my lovely followers on Instagram asked if I could share more details about my little ScrapTherapy thing, so I decided to make a short ‘how to’ video.


The video was fun to make, as it made me sit down and think about how I was working. I hadn’t realised that the way I was playing in these little books fell into a limited number of categories.

The first – and most therapeutic for me – being the plain joy of cutting stuff up and sticking it back down again.


I love nothing more than to get my feelings down on paper – I think there are huge emotional benefits to doing that regularly.

Just to get things off your chest or work out why you respond the way you do… even looking for patterns in your reactions or spotting the areas you feel God might be nudging you to work on with Him: I find it so useful for my mental health and general growth.


And of course the God bit is always important to me: documenting what I feel He’s saying to me, noting down quotes from faith podcasts and books, Bible verses that jump out… you end up with quite a treasure trove of powerful wisdom!


One of the things I love about Instagram is how it encourages me to take photos. And it’s nice to actually print these little pics from time to time and pop them somewhere…

My ScrapTherapy books give me a little snapshot of what everyday life has been like over the months.


Oh, the joy of thrift!

Do you know, a weird thing happens when you limit yourself in terms of what you buy: you start to develop this deep gratitude for anything you do get… gifts suddenly make you cry and hand-me-down magazines suddenly feel like bars of gold. Sounds odd, but it’s true.

Feathers, pretty wrappers, postcards… the joy of ‘squirrelling‘ can’t be underestimated.