Q&A | Compulsive shopping & introverted kittens


Get me: filming a Q&A video as if I have the self-esteem of someone normal. Deciding that someone out there might want to hear my opinion on something? I call that progress.


I’m never entirely comfortable putting anything out on youtube though. To my mind, it’s not quite the same supportive vibe as instagram. It’s not like I’ve had shed-loads of horrible comments… it’s just that the potential is there, you know?

The thing is, you make a video you’re happy with (proud of, even), upload it and then wait. Wait for the ‘your nose is red/boobs are flat/teeth are goofy’-type comments that, although they belong in the school playground, are the ones that really sting.

You can criticise my scrap ability all you like, but keep away from the ‘Susannah Denise, knobbly knees’ jokes.

These sorts of comments probably sting because they’re still stinging from those ‘sock just fell out of my bra’-days days and we’ve never quite got over the shame. I don’t know.


It’s certainly something of a double-edged sword for introverts, social media.

In a lot of ways, it’s the perfect medium for us quieter, sensitive sorts to have our voices be heard. We get to ‘stand up’ in front of hundreds of people (or 20 to 30 in the case of this video: it *is* forty minutes long) while experiencing nothing more threatening than the experience of nattering away to the cat.*


But you know: if you feel strongly enough about something, it’s good to share that enthusiasm. For me, it’s always been scrap and God (oops, wrong order) so a lot of this video follows that vibe.

If you have any questions that I’ve not covered here (but not the sock story), drop me a line over on Instagram and I’ll happily write a blog post or even – gasp – film another one…

* The level of threat does depend on which cat we’re talking about, but to be fair, neither of them have once commented on the colour of my nose and I know for a fact that they both enjoy a good flex of their claws on my padded bits.