Not shopping: not happy


Here are the reasons I *so* want to shop right now:

1. I’m getting down to the really boring stuff in my box

Although I snip all my stickers from their sheets so I can’t just use all the good stuff in one go, I quickly worked out that if I rummage for long enough, I do hit Maggie Holmes-gold eventually.

But the gold is all gone, people. All gone.


2. Scrap shopping lights up boring or stressful patches with rows of twinkly lights

The possibilities of all that pretty newness!

Not to mention the thrilling endorphin rush of picking out the new goodies in the first place (check out The Reset Girl’s fab youtube chat about this: she really dives into the ‘whys’ and ‘how not to’s’ of our crafty shopping impulses).


3. Life has been stressful and stress has me making at a rate of *knots*

I’ve been channelling all my anxiety into my little books… as good a place as any, but making that prolifically sure zips you through your product.

And here are pretty much the only reasons I’ve not gone *way* over my budget this month:


1. HeyLittleMagpie would know that I’m a great big fibber with all my chirpy talk of “£30 a month!”

Of course, I could do a second or third shop in another store… but my husband would know.

And I guess *mumbles* I would know. Meh.


2. That Heidi Swapp planner I’ve been stalking would kind of stand out on my Instagram feed

“Look what someone (me) bought lucky ol’ me!” Or how about, “Look what I found in a thrift store!”



3. I’ve got over the shopping addiction thing once

I just haven’t got the energy to do it again.


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