What makes you happy


What really makes you happy? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? How much time in our days do we spend doing things that truly bring us joy?


Here are some things that are bringing me joy at the moment…


The simple everyday
Reading a book with a cup of tea in the garden, while Kitty fills a jam jar with daisies. Can’t buy that kind of happy.


Small acts of creativity
Nothing incredible or especially Pinterest-worthy; just grabbing ten minutes here and there to stick a few things together for the fun of it


Pretty stuff!

Actually, forget that bit about happiness not being for sale: HeyLittleMagpie sells it


Posing for selfies
… the minute I feel even *vaguely good* about myself. Or when my e-bay tutu arrives, of course


Finding peace and gratitude in the small, mundane tasks
We’ve got homes, we live in safety and at the end of the day, we’re lucky to have each other


My cheeky little side-kick
Who I’m convinced was a gift from God to remind me of how loved I am, by getting under my feet every. single. moment.

What makes you happy, sweet friends?


4 thoughts on “What makes you happy

  1. It’s so relaxing to read you! And I’m so agree with you! It’s the simple things that counts and make us happy! What makes me happy is to spend time with my family because life is so precious and we never know what tomorrow will be. With all the tragedies all around the world we have to focus on little things of our life.and we got to love each other. Xo. Marinette

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  2. Hello! May I just say how much I love your posts? It’s a breath of fresh air, and beautiful as well. I love a place to go that blends creativity and God, and reality. I appreciate that you are willing to share bits of yourself with people you don’t even know. That takes courage and intention to decide what to share and what to keep private. Thank you 😊💕

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