When you’re anxious


You know those times when you’re so stressed that you don’t really know where to turn?

Those pockets of time – maybe hours or days – when you don’t quite know what to do to ease the discomfort inside?


My solution when feeling this sort of anxiety is to force myself to sit at my desk and make something.

I know: making something… that feels too big, too intimidating… something that can only happen when you’re feeling calm and in the ‘right’ creative place, right?

Nope. That’s the very first thought to ditch.


Here are my tips for getting creative even while feeling anxious…

1.  Sit at your desk
… with some things to stick and something to stick them to. Have paints and a few other mixed media supplies within reach too

2. Use things you like
… just grab your favourite colours, anything that you enjoy looking at and using

3. Forget about making something good
… because it’s not about that, especially not today. Today it’s about the therapy of the act of making; who cares what the end result looks like?


4. Have something positive playing in the background
… a podcast by someone whose voice makes you feel calm or a favourite programme that you associate with feeling comforted and homely

5. Keep your journalling super-simple
… once you’ve finished your collage or page, add some very simple, heartfelt journalling. As C.S Lewis said, “Bring to God what is in you, not what you think should be.”

Wishing you love and peace, dear friends xx


4 thoughts on “When you’re anxious

  1. Hello Suse,
    You end the post with a C.S Lewis quote, that spoke perfectly to me. Could I enquire as to where it is from please? I’ve tried a search but not been successful. This was a good post.
    Angela. x

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  2. Suse Fish

    Yes, I couldn’t find it either, but I heard it on a podcast about parenting… ‘Building Relationships with Dr Gary Chapman’ – the Mother’s Day episode xx


  3. Suse Fish

    A podcast! Can you imagine, me stuttering my way through one of those? You’re so kind though, thank you lovely xx


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