iNSD thoughts


So that was fun! My first iNSD where I actually committed to join in the fun and not just observe. And I’m so glad I did.

Here are a few thoughts


1. Scrap guilt is alive and well, chez Fish

It was *really* nice to have a legitimate reason to just sit and scrap. I mean, I do scrapbook a lot, but it made me realise how often I sit there feeling *a little bit guilty* because I’m not doing something more useful.

Um, why?


2. Preparation is key

I had everything ready: pages prepped with modelling paste, paints out, embellishments trimmed… I’d even charged the camera in the (vain) hope of recording a few processes. What I did not have was enough glue

Thankfully, the hubby recognised the importance of a girl needing her adhesive on an occasion like this and ran out to the shops.

3. The ScrapGals Community is just *lovely*

That is all.


4. ‘Susannah the Swot’ is still that same frightened little girl

I was picked on at school for being the girl with her hand up in Maths… and I’m clearly still right there! I was very uncomfortable about being the first to post her finished layouts.

But did anyone call me a swot? Well, not to my face… lol.


5. Challenge is good for me!

I not only found myself greedily devouring each new challenge, I also thrived under the (self-inflicted) ‘pressure’ of getting each piece completed within the hour.

I made different decisions and took way more risks; I love the fresh, un-laboured result of working quickly.


6. I worried *way* too much about my challenge

What would people think of my challenge? Would anyone join in? Would my example page look rubbish? Should I have taken more time and done a better job?

Just being myself out there is something I clearly need to keep working on!

(And yes: people did join in. And yes, it thrilled my heart to see their gorgeous, gorgeous work.)